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"Agilitology" with AGILITY X

In staying efficient, businesses should be able to transform faster. Nevertheless, conventional project management methodologies will try to understand the reasons for change fully before the change could be permitted. In real life, that approach could be very time-consuming.

Stay ahead of competition?

Businesses to stay efficient need to respond to changes much faster. This training will offer the principles in handling projects which will be able to handle change, lessen the time to market, remove waste and retain and attract customers. Notably, this training will cover the formation of the agile team, their responsibilities, and roles, estimation, agile planning as well as execution.

Getting started like A,B,C:

A) Grow your project management skills along with Agile and Scrum training, certification and coaching resources presented by Agility X.

B) Establish a flourishing Scrum team structure and

C) Develop customer approval with a timelier delivery of project results.

Be Agile and grow, win, and excel:

With engaging and practical Scrum and Agile training, it will allow you to apply the concepts immediately back on the job. Certified Scrum Master Training offers a solid foundation as a Scrum Master. To make the change to your real-world projects even more efficient, Agility X mentors and coaches will work with you to guarantee that the execution of your Agile & Scrum training meets the necessities of your organisation.

Upon completion of the training, participants will be able to:

● employ agile estimating methods appropriately

● establish proper team cadence to boost efficiency

● embrace the ‘empower and inspire’ leadership technique

● know the roles of the user and customer

● under the responsibilities and roles of every member of Agile team

● understand and apply a model of continuous planning

Our Agile Project Delivery provides a set of frameworks which covers the practices, products, and people needed to implement projects successfully in the modern business setting. Initially made for systems/software developments, Agile is now utilised to help organise any form of business transformation. We provide a wide array of courses so that stakeholders within a project can understand how to work within an Agile setting.

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