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Total Care System

We have solutions that delivers lasting value.

The value in this system is realised in 3 stages through our Total Care System


We "assess and deliver real innovation & solutions"

to the most common challenges impacting our customers


We "guide and coach our customers" to be transformational and agile to achieve repeatable success 


We "provide tools and change management support", to ensure new practices, the WoW and services are embedded into the organisation


Delivering successful outcomes and embedding lasting value

"our customers experience transformation through our Total Care System"

Delivery of Services

Training with Coaching


Our Agile Project and PMO Delivery

We use Agile principles that you can trust to get the job done


Principle 1 - Focus on the business need


Principle 2 - Deliver on time


Principle 3 – Collaborate


Principle 4 - Never compromise on quality


Principle 5 - Build incrementally from firm foundations


Principle 6 - Develop iteratively


Principle 7 - Communicate continuously and clearly


Principle 8 - Demonstrate control

Our services lines


SCRUM / Agile

Scrum is by far the most sought-after and widely used Agile approach. No doubt, the terms Agile and Scrum are often utilised interchangeably, and a lot of people aren’t even informed that there are substitutes to Scrum.


Organisational Transformation

Whether you are starting up a new project, department or organisation change requires partnership, the right skills and investment. At AGILITY X we understand business in a digital world, we know the


Agile PMO-as-a-Service

The bespoke PMO service is made to drive innovation and

organise your business/digital transformation portfolio without the headache of hidden cost. The PMO-as a-service offers a wide array of packaged

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AGILITY X - Schools

We understand that growth and innovation are important and big picture thinking can be tough, especially when your busy with the day-to-day operations of running a Christian school, understanding the aspirations of parents for their children or training the young leaders of tomorrow can be complex.

Growth is necessary, achieving high results is expected but being financially sustainable and filling the empty seats as a private Christian school is essential

AGILITY X in partnership with IGC (Influencing Generations for Christ) is goal focused to help private Christian schools to:

  • attain high academic and operational outcomes,

  • generate multiple streams of income,

  • be self funding

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