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AGILITY X  & IGC schools partnership

We understand that growth and innovation are important and big picture thinking can be tough, especially when your busy with the day to day operations of running a Christian school, understanding the aspirations of parents for their children or training the young leaders of tomorrow can be complex.

AGILITY X as a team of consultants are accustomed to understanding and navigating complexity. We know that growth is necessary, achieving high results whilst being financially sustainable and filling the empty seats is essential. 

AGILITY X in partnership with IGC (Influencing Generations for Christ) is goal focused to help private Christian schools to:

  • attain high academic and operational outcomes,

  • generate multiple streams of income,

  • be self funding

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but more importantly, to create an environment where the emerging generation develops a deep-seated and close personal relationship with Christ.

We believe in unleashing their capacity to be "Trail blazing world changers" and impact the world for God's Kingdom – perhaps one of the most significant opportunities of our day!

Through the parable of the 'Talents', we understand that cashflow is crucial to any organisation, having more than one income stream is more than just a safety net but a financial necessity. Tuition fees is the foundational income stream for most schools, but fundraising, donor programmes, partnerships and investments all contribute to the profile of a financially healthy school.

Having a sustainable business model with a sound cost and benefit assessment, protects investments, creates opportunities and allows decision makers to ensure parents and donors get the best out of their interests.


AGILITY X LTD is the provider of choice for big-picture, organizational problem solving and creative growth strategy. We'll help you think about your organisation in a whole new way, bringing a fresh perspective to long-standing challenges and helping you envision - and achieve a future with unlimited possibilities. Additionally, we will help you execute your new direction and train you to be sustainable.

Why Choose us?

AGILITY X in partnership with IGC  is a professional services and solutions provider that helps Christian schools become financially sustainable and operationally excellent, so they can focus more on the most important effort – the discipleship of students. The plan we help to create and implement for you is designed to be self-funding. Find out what we have done before, read our latest published case study - "Survive and thrive"


Christian schools are comprised of 9 components that must work well together for the school to be financially and operationally healthy and for "Discipleship Infused Education" to occur.

Outcomes of an Optimal School System:

  • Student Transformation

  • Academic Excellence

  • Financial Health

  • Leadership Development

  • Student Retention

  • High Staff Morale

  • Evangelism

  • Positivity

  • Hope

  • Encouragement

  • Energy

  • Growth

  • Parent Satisfaction

  • Unity

  • Kingdom Impact


9 Components for sustainability

AGILITY X  provides 3 service options to help a school strengthen the 9 components as follows:


To know more about these services, read our latest published case study: "Survive and Thrive" and discover what we can do for your students and school.  Please get in contact with us today.

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