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8 Step "People first approach" for our
Business change and transformation approach"

delivering solutions and training that deliver lasting results

Excellence in diversity & delivery 

Here at Agility X, we truly believe that in being the best in everything we do, we continually review and enhance our services. We employ the best of diverse experts including a strong representation of BAME (Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic) professionals. We offer excellence and expertise which is grounded in years of fruitful application, not personal preference or opinion. Excellence in approach, in working relationship and excellence in results.

Focused on the product

We understand that like most business initiatives, your business should deliver to particular outcomes. You can rest assured that we will work with you to realise and accomplish your training or coaching  goals and other measurable results you need to apply agility in business. 

Respect for people culture and environment

For many years, we have embraced a lot of changes in the agile field. Communications and technology have improved and optimised our processes. However, one aspect has remained a constant: People and Culture, and our acknowledgement that people, clients, and  their culture is expected to be treated with dignity and respect. When we come to where our customers are based or when customers come to our training centre we maintain that expectation as our standard at Agility X. This is the foundation of our success and integrity.

Servant Leadership

Our reputation for fairness and honesty and a genuine concern for those we serve is a hallmark of Agility X. Our team prides themselves in presenting the highest level of professionalism to people we serve.
We do more than simply deliver our agile training and coach your teams. We ensure that the resources in your organisation who’ll be executing the programs understand precisely how they work, why they work and how to continuously succeed. We’ll ensure you are set up for success before our work is complete. This is how we embed lasting value!


Influencing the need for progression

Learn  more  - read our blog


Partnering with change agents and adopters

Why lead change on your own, partner with someone who can add value to your vision


Communicate Vision consistently

Tell people more about the services you offer. Sharing your vision upwards, outwards and inwards. Regularly


Collaborate on Change

Work with experts to double up.

Scale services and work faster


Develop Iteratively and incrementally

Be Agile and grow at a pace that allows you to be victorious in success and not a victim of success


Upskill/coach and develop capapbility

Iron sharpens iron, you have got to be a sharp tool and so does your team. Train the mind as well as the body in order to stay in the race


enable Action and remove barriers

Leaders move from talking about change to  creating actions, directing people to the right doors and giving them the keys to open them


Produce more Wins and embed change

Know your audience, stakeholders and customers. Deliver quickly, consistently and train people to use what is delivered. 

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