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Delivering successful outcomes and embedding lasting value

Agile project delivery, training and Change management holistically delivered to meet current and future business needs

Agile Training

Project Delivery

Change and PMO

Total Care System

Agility in business 


At AGILITY X we have always considered Agility in business as being about frequent iterative delivery, lean organisation, nimble governance, and a healthy flow of product development. Agility in business leads to continuous improvement, more sales, healthier customer retention or growth and can cause positive disruption that will increase an organisations market share or influence. 

Businesses have realised that these characteristics are needed in an ever-changing and uncertain market. If you are going to survive as a business or an IT professional, you need to be agile and able to deliver innovative products and services faster, with improved quality and directed at customers' needs.


At AGILITY X we understand this and can work alongside individuals and organisations going through transformation or change. Agility works

Organisations choose AGILITY X for our tailored Total Care System. We include coaching, partnering and working with teams to deliver successful services including PMOs, sprints, execute SCRUM roles and deliver MVPs (minimal viable products) for both IT and business transformation projects, Change and Adoption workshops and support.


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