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Why survive when you can thrive? - A challenge to Headteachers for fee-paying schools

If you are a leader in the not for profit or private school sector, this is just for you.

The story: On the brink of closure unless a robust strategy, investment proposal, and action plan were put in place; the current ways of operating is no longer feasible. The school needs help to deliver a sustainable operating model backed by an agile business case and delivery plan.

All schools worth talking about has a passion for wholesome education, however, struggling financially gets in the way of doing the basics.

Options for a recovery team is slim in the business, usually a super Headteacher is employed and can struggle through. However, both in the US and UK IGC and AGILITY X have been chosen to deliver strategy, strong business cases and agile delivery plans or execution to help schools "grow, invest and be sustained". In this COVID era, the strategy is more appropriately called "recover, sustain and thrive".

To read the latest case study press the link below

Case Study: "Survive and thrive"

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